About YP

Employment Survey and Analysis

Identifiers the labor market trend and analyzes the effectiveness of employment policies.

Youth Panel(YP)

• Annually traces the movement of younger generations (ages 15-19, as of 2007) on their school-to-work transition (3,000 new youth respondents were added in 2014).

• Youth Panel data are utilized as base material for establishing policies to resolve youth unemployment.

Graduates Occupational Mobility Survey (GOMS)

• GOMS is conducted yearly on 18,000 graduates of 2-year and 4-year college programs to identify their occupational mobility paths.

• Provides reliable labor supply and demand information between schools and labor markets as base material for establishing policies to tackle the unemploy ment problem among college graduates.

Korean Longitudinal Study on Aging (KLoSA)

Study conducted among middle-aged people (over 45, as of 2006) to collect data on labor market participation, income, assets, health condition (a new panel 1st Baby Boomer generation born in 1962 and 1963 was added in 2014).

Utilized as base material for establishing and evaluating policies to prepare for the aging society.