About YP


The Graduates Occupational Mobility Survey(GOMS) is the largest short-term panel survey of a representative sample of Korean Graduates. The GOMS is conducted annually and have its results compiled each year. The survey offers data users the advantages of both cross-sectional data and time-series data.


In 2005, the decision was made to carry out the GOMS as part of the Human Resources Development Basic Plan of the Office for Government Policy Coordination and the Human Resources Demand and Supply Infrastructure Building Project of the Ministry of employment and Labor. The GOMS project was launched in 2006. Conducted by Korea Employment Information Service(KEIS), the GOMS is funded from the Employment Insurance Fund and sponsored by Ministry of Labor in Korea. The GOMS is officially approved by Korea National Statistical Office (approval number:32704).


The GOMS aims to provide basic information to policy makers and researchers so it could be used for employment policy making and in-depth studies of highly educated unemployment problem. The GOMS provides extensive information on youths' labor market behavior and educational experience. This information facilitates researches that investigate characteristics of the transition the youths make from school to the labor market.