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Study Design


  The GOMS is a survey that uses graduates of 2- to 3-year colleges or higher education institutions as its population. The survey is carried out around September to November of the calendar year following the population's graduation.


  The First Wave of the 2005 GOMS, which was initiated in 2006, the year the GOMS project was launched, was conducted on 25,000 persons(approximately 5 percent of the population).


  In 2009, the survey design was modified to a short-term longitudinal survey. Beginning with the 2007GOMS, The survey has being performed for each subject on the next calendar year of graduation and two years later. The sample of the GOMS is composed of 4 percent of all college graduates who graduated from a 2-3 year college or higher education institution, which corresponds to 18,000 persons.


  Sampling was carried out in accordance with the sample allocation by academic major group which was used as the stratification variable. Note that, although not implemented as an explicit stratification variable, the school and gender of the sample members should be considered schools were first arranged in order of decreasing population; within the schools, the units were arranged by gender, with male students listed before female students, so that systematic sampling could be carried out.


조사가구 내 패널대상자
Graduation year 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
2005 Graduates 패널조사 패널조사 패널조사            
2006 Graduates                  
2007 Graduates     1차조사 패널유지 및 간이조사 추적조사        
2008 Graduates       1차조사 패널유지 및 간이조사 추적조사      
2009 Graduates         1차조사 패널유지 및 간이조사 추적조사    
2010 Graduates           1차조사 패널유지 및 간이조사 추적조사  
2011 Graduates             1차조사 패널유지 및 간이조사 추적조사
2012 Graduates               1차조사 패널유지 및 간이조사
2013 Graduates                 1차조사